What happen if you let your dream comes true? – Dreams that come truth are the best way to make you happy.

Some days ago I have read how a man who his whole life was a successful coach  which decided to participate Olympic Games to fulfill his old dream. After a long time of training he achieved a lot, and although finally he didn’t qualify to the competition he made a step to his dream, he tried it and it made him happy.

We are often afraid to start the things we dream, because of a fear of defeat, because of the laziness and because we like the comfort we have. But just think what if you successfully will perform it. How successful, happy and fulfilled you would be.

For a long time I am dreaming to be able to be a good programmer. Two months ago I even wrote my first sophisticated (compared to my previous work) application that is really useful at my work.. but then I stopped. I decided not to give up and analysing the reasons of my procrastination in my way to my goal. I have found that I expected an easy progress, but it seemed to be more difficult. One program did not made me a programmer, it reveals that I can do it but should devote more time to it. It is easy to dream, it is more difficult to perform. Talking and dreaming is not enough, without acting it is a prolixity and it does not bring us closer to the dream.

I am sure it is my dream, more time passed more I convince how useful it will be for me, more zeal I want to continue. Hope you also verify if the dream is really important for you and after analysis of the obstacles will achieve the success.