As a mother I like to protect my son from the hurt and troubles, to make him happy and do right things. Sure, right stuff in my opinion, not his.

I worry about him, I try to make his childhood comfort and pleasure, but as a parent I should also let him make mistakes, to be naughty, disagree with my opinion and perform what he wants even if I do not like this.

There are following arguments for this:

The child that is totally agree with his parents are easy to convient to make bad things in future. He does not know what is a failure and will be strong disappointed in future when meet it and he would not know how to deal with it. A polite child is going to make things mostly to get others approvement and could be easy to manipulate. And finally he would not know how it is to work for the satisfaction.

While the child experience himself the world, he is curious and open to new thing. Let him hurt sometimes, be dirty or wet – it is not a big loss, but a great memories, experience and happiness.

While the child has his own opinion he teach that he is important, that his position is taken under attention even if adults has different points of view. Really it is not bad if you sometime let you child go sleep later or watch a cartoon he wants.

All we want our child grows up an independent, self-confident adult, with strong opinion and convincions of his possibilities, with satisfaction from his life and respect to others. Why don’t let him to learn it in his childhood?