I am open for discovering new cultures, I do not say that I do not get it and that’s why it is bad. I am curious and open to new views, landscapes, smells, feeling, traditions, customs. When travelling I do not judge people for covering their bodies or eating snails, I observe and try to understand what caused it, what the tradition is behind.

Unfortunately there is a very opposite attitude we have for people that behave in different way in our surrounding. Often they are judged and critisized because their values and behaviour is different from ours. But how happy we could be if instead of judgement and assessing use listening and discovering another person. Listening without our prepared opinion about the case and person, without ready solutions and answers.

The dispute could results in really interesting experience, instead of hostile quarrel, when each side didn’t listen to opponent but is thinking about his own answer.

Other does not mean bad, other means that our perception is different. And openness for other person perspective does not mean to resign your own opinion, it means that you will have wider view not focused on your own personal feelings.