Stability is a sister of happiness, but discomfort makes us to develop and change, and finally results even in more satisfaction.

Life is changing and things we loved early possibly have no sense at that moment. If you like me decided to change you occupancy I am going to share my way to make changes more successfull and less painfull

  1. Plan
    Create a detail plan what you want to do and how to achieve it. It seems to be easy dreaming, but detailed plan gives you real picture of time, money and efforts you need to invest
  2. Try it
    Give you some time to try new skills, create a few real projects without leaving your current position. If it is impossible while working full-time job, take a short vacations good be a possible solution.
  3. Prove your skills
    After you succesfully decided to change the occupation, to make yourself more reliable for future clients confirm your skills with certificates, ready working projects, recommendations of trial clients
  4. Create financial security
    After you decided that it really thing you wanted to do, before give up your full-time stable job, assure you have some money to life at least for a few months. It is easier to develop and enjoy new bussiness when you should not worry about the current expenses.

Good luck! 🙂