Finally you got your first job, and you are exciting and happy. And there is your first day at your first position.

You came to the office with a lot of peoples have been working for years and are speaking in different words than your heard in your home. Naturally you want to make a good first impression and you are frightened and afraid to spoil everything. You try to remember a lot of new faces, names and positions and to understand work style and new tools. Believe me, even if you feel confident working with these tools at university or at home, the fear paralyzed you and the program doesn’t run or password doesn’t match.
But the most difficult is to understand what do they want from you. Your boss and colleages work and talk too fast, using a lot of unknown business terms and it seems that they are talking in a foreign language. You are just nodding and finally do not know what to do, because you haven’t understood anything, and do not remember what to do.

Unfortunately managers and coworkers forgot about how did they felt their first days. Hopefully some of my coworkers shared their feelings with me, so I could tell a few recommendation that helped them.

If you are a worker

  • find a friendly coworker at a similar position whom you can ask confidently what the unknown terms mean
  • do not be afraid to ask if you understand the task correctly
  • write down all unknown procedures and terms

If you are a manager:

  • if it is possible: prepare to your worker a list of procedures, contacts, accesses and check lists how to do the processes
  • be patient and ask to repeat the task goals – to be sure you are talking about the same things
  • gives feedback, specially this positive one:)

Hope it helps you to have a good days in the office!