I was a step away from the most awkward situation I could screw myself.

I totally forgot about today’s women’s day and was utterly concentrated on my unsolved important problem, that haven’t let me sleep for last few days. I was nervous and suspicious about every untypical sign and sound I heard in the office. And then I noticed some strange signs among a few of coworkers. I became afraid that something is going behind my back. It seems to me that everyone is talking about my case without me. I even became to feel ignored.

And then it happened.

A few of my coworkers left a room. My heart started to beat faster, I was going to called them and ask: “What’s going on?”. But they have already left, so fortunately instead I just thought that I should calm down and it is called paranoia.  And I went to take a breath and drink some tea. A moment later and when I was back all our men was in the room with flowers greeting women’s day! 😉

It was so unexpected that I didn’t know if I should laught or cry because my groundless suspicious. They really plot, but it was an innocent good surprise, but imagination draw the awful stressfull pictures. Nothing happened but I perceived real stress and even my pressure raised.

I realized how distorted our view could be. Not everything that is in our head is really the truth. What we see strongly depends on what we feel.

When you are waiting for something important it seems that everyone is also focused on this, and treat everything around as if it was connected to the same situation, and other people are concerned at it as well.
Our brain looks for the signs to confirm its conviction. If you beleive that world is good you will find a lot of nice things, otherwise, if you are pesimist you are going to meet and pay attention to more negative circumstances.

How little we just need in difficult situation. Just make a coffee/tea, take a deep breath and calmly analyse the situation.

Be positive! Less worry and have more nice expectation and you will meet a lot of great events