What is the most amazing thing I appreciate in the workshops it is the possibility to reflect on your experience and feeling, to discover yourself, to open some corners of your soul you never think you have, to wake up another way of thinking.

Workshops is succesfull for me when it touches some part of my soul, when it makes me feel and think, when it makes me relive and think about the things I never imagine or remind some episode from my life.

I do not look for ready solutions, because if I do not feel the idea behind them probably I never apply them. Only if it evokes strong emotions, it let me figure out about what is inside and outside of me it is naturaly and easier for me to adapt the solution.

In my perception the good workshop:

  • should make you think and do not provide a ready solutions
  • should contain working group to practice learned skills
  • should have homework to review all at home
  • it should change you mindset about the the topic
  • after the workshop you feel that you reveal new things and is able to translate to your life not just to repeat the definitions 

To be a good attendee, it is not enough just to get there and listen

  • you should make a research in the topic before the workshop
  • be positive and active
  • be sincere about your feelings, not pretend to behave like others expect
  • be open to hear and listen everything, even if it is against your convictions

Hope your future workshops will be useful and fruitful