Programs are an essential part of our life. And although they seems to be are souless at that moment in the near future it is possible that Artificial Inteligence will make them more similar to us.

And even at this moment there are a lot of shared traits between the programs and persons. What I see:

  1. Character: engaging, fascinating or boring
  2. Structure: advanced or trivial
  3. Intelect: smart or stupid, easy or difficult to understand
  4. Skills: has limitations but could be upgraded to be able to do more and better
  5. Appearance: it could have nice or ugly interface, be user-friendly or not
  6. Self -presentation: it could have a lot of goodies that looks great but are useless for functionality
  7. Motivation: sometimes it does not work at all, work slow, and sometimes it crashes
  8. Health: it could be ill and have viruses
  9. Behaviour: Dangerous or safe