Everybody wants to be successfull!

Success is not as simple as it seems. Definition of success is as individual as we are. It strongly depends on our upbringing and the society. On one side, the society consideration of success has a huge influence on our perception of success. It could be money, position, sport  and social achievement, networking, good health, talents.

On the other side, our personality and family values plays a big role here. There are also our own successes that mean nothing for others but even could not exist for them, but are very significant for us for our wholesome functioning. It could be adaptations to new conditions, combat of a fear of highness or public speech and even cease in the eating of sweets. They could be negligible or irrelevant for others but for us they are important. Nevertheless all the successes in our life give us self-confidence and self-esteem.

I experienced both successes, these personal (emigrate and adapted to a new country, learned perfectly new language (not English – not yet :D), started to write this blog) and those appointed by the society (finish the marathon, graduate university with the distinction, achieve expert level in my job) and more and more others.  Each of these was accompanied by a sense of accomplishment, pride, joy, raise. All of them are important for me, because they show me that persistence, work, regularity and consistency will result in success, and that knowledge and experience that you learned will help you and work for your today and future life.

The most important for me is not to boast the success and rest on my laurels, but to remind your successes in moments of doubt and uncertainty to add the belief in my strenght and motivation for the action. And I beleive it will lead to prosperity and flourish.

Be proud of your success, because they show that ignoring the obstacles and difficulties you improved yourself, crafted new skills and became better than yesterday