And just enjoy the show -author LENKA “The snow”

Happily I have vacations!

For the first time from the long period I have a complete relax! No, I do not spend all the days in the bed. Moreover I actively spend time with my family from the early morning till the late evening. And I made more for myself and my family than I made for previous months. For these 4 days I have more relax than during my previous two weeks vacation

What I have learned from my child and what help me have the best vacation ever:

  • Be like a child
    •  pay attention to the details– there are a lot of marvelous things around we do not pay attention them in our everyday life. Instead of impatiently waiting when a child stop exploring the trivial thing and go to the main point of our plan just join a child and experiment with him.
    • enjoy the things that happen at that moment – do not expect something, just enjoy what you have now, feel the moment
    • do the only thing at the moment – focus on what you do, what you feel, find all the sides of the activity you do. Do not think about what else you should do, just put it down at that moment
    • do not be afraid to be funny – learn new things, enjoy it, and do not pay attention that you might look awkward
  • Slow it down
    • have time to delight the moment – just stop and relax, find a positive around, take the moment and enjoy it
    • do not plan too much – it is difficult to relax if you should wake up early, are in a hurry between one task to another
    • walk slowly – walking is the best way to relax and think about the important thing, moreover you will notice a lot of interesting things that surround yourself
    • eat slowly – you eat less and taste each piece, eat only the stuff you really need and do not eat too much
    • talk less listen more – you discover a lot of fascinating points of view