The bitterest truth is better then the sweetest lie

Do you know why people lie? I mean deliberately lying. The answer will be obvious after looking on the basic persons need. Each person has a need to have a good name, have a respect and understanding. If he beleive that the other person is not able to meet the truth they prefer to tell the lie to satisfy the above needs.

As a rule they desire something, but do not beleive they will have it is they say the truth. The falsehood is a desperate attempt to care about their needs. If they discover that their needs are important for us they stop lying.

The most tragically is when we moralize or shame them for their feeling, behaviour instead of listen and help. In such a way we try to hide our helplessness to relieve them, to understand them to meet their needs.

It is just a few words of theory, but I hope it will help to improve a bit the relationships and look deeper into others needs