How to perform with pleasure, how have more satisfaction from our everyday work? Would you like it? Me too 🙂

Do what you love, you love what you do – Author Uknown

The performance should not mean duty and boredom. We are masters of our life so it is in our hands to make the working process nice and pleasure.

  • Find out why are you doing this job. It is not that your work because you must, it is your choice. You work because you want to have a good appartament, nice clothes, good vacation abroad and so on
  • Find out the added values of your work. what you learn during this task, why do you do it, what does it give you? Maybe you will have more experience and can ask a promotion in future, maybe you are going for vacations and more like money and so on
  • Remember to make pleasant things when you take a break– not cravings or sweets, but other pleasure and useful thing. Let it be a minute of relax, a short stroll, read interesting book or article. Do not postpone them for the weekend, but do it everyday
  • Reward yourself when part of the whole task is done. 🙂

After you succesfully perform the task, you will have more dose of enjoyment and moreover:

  • will discover your new possibilities
  • will be energized
  • will have a feeling of fullfilment

Good luck!

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