"The best way to get something done is to begin"

Author Unknown

When something seems to us difficult or unpleasant we try to postpone it. The most painful consequence of such a delay is the wasting of time.

During my studies I used to housework instead of studing. At my work I used to answer all emails on time instead of writing the report I didn’t like. I cheated myself, that I spent time fruitful and useful, but I was just procrastinating.

Now I isolate two forms of procrastination:

  • The first one, well-known to everyone, when you cannot start doing the task and just waste time, it takes you too much time to organize, you facebook, chat with friends, go for a walk, read newspapers, play games and even start housework
  • The other one is less obvious: you do irrelevant thing, you do not prioritaze the tasks and do the simplest ones, you study and revise the same thing for the n-th time without taking a difficult part, you answers current emails instead to close an email box and write an urgent report. You just cheat yourself that you have no time, instead of organize it well.

There are a few things that help me to fight with my procrastination, depending on my mood I use one or a few of them:

  1. just start it/ do the first step – stop praparation and do the most difficult first step. After you start it, it will be easier to continue
  2. imperfect better than nothing – do not delay because you do not know how to do something perfect, just start with the skills you have, instead of teach and improve your skills all the time. It is easier to change the existing task/text instead of having nothing because of the lack of creative vein
  3. pomodoro technique – break the task into intervas(15-25 minutes) and do not interrupt youself during that time
  4. do nothing or do the thing you need – decide for yourself that you have a time during which you can do nothing (just sitting and watching the floor) or do the task you need
  5. remember why you do it and what you will get after – more about the motivation for doing is here:Be happy – raise the motivation and trust yourself

Good luck! If you have another working methods, please do not hesitate and share them