There are some days that are worse than others. It seems that nothing special happened today, nothing bad, but the awareness that time had gone and a lot of time has been wasted, the planned things are out of control, made me lost the beleive in my possibilities, in my ability to perform well, in ability to stop procrastinate and finally improve my life.

I was depressed.

“Think, think, think!” – I told myself and finally found the solution.

So this note is a vein to motivation in weak emotional state.

  • Trust yourself no matter that anyone thinks.
  • Remember the aim of your work – what you want achieve and why
  • Plan your work – as detail as it is possible at that moment
  • Imagine you overcome stage by stage of your plan – how do you feel?
  • Assigned a reward for succesfull realization
  • Be indulgent in case of failure, do not stop and try again
  • Treat yourself as your best friend, support yourself
  • And the most important – trust your self – you are strong enought if you are able to plan something you will have a strenght to perform it

Just remember! There is always a need behind everything, finding it and them trust yourself you are able to perform well, do not hesitate and go ahead

Trust yourself and will have more strength for future starts.