Responsibility is very often associated with obligations and a hard work than with please and happiness. There is maybe the reason that we try to avoid it. But … only taking the responsibilities of our feelining, thoughts, reactions, actions we are able to create our happiness otherwise you give the power to influence your life to others.

Responsibility is not only connected with how to spend time, money and be able to chose the job, friends, partner. When we pay bills, are polite and greet others with anniversary or birthday, we care more about others but not ourselves. It is only one part of responsibility connected with social norms.

The most important responsibility for us is the responsibilities for our life. This is the responsibility to take care about our health, and reck of physical and mental proficiency, to be able to live a happy and valuable life. Only after we take resposibility for us, we are able to take responsibility for others (here is more about taking care about yourself and help for others: Be happy – be egoistic and put your needs first- why we shouldn’t live for others?)

Mental responsibility:

blaming others for our defeat, give them the power to direct our life. Our thoughts create our feelings, and if we let somebody makes us angry it means that we let him manipulate ourselves.

Physical responsibility:

Life is the best miracle, and we should enjoy it in the best health. Cravings and weakness makes are sensitive to manipulations and we are not the masters of our life is we could not take control over our look, physical health and harmful habits.

Since the time we are of the age and only we are Responsible for our life. It is not somebody’s duty to make us happy, but it our will.