It is obvious that world is changing. Every day some things appear and others disappear. The topic is not about the advanced technology development that makes our knowledge outdated. It is about the changes, that happen with our needs and feelings according to inner and outer circumstances. They are changing all the time and they depend on how comfortable we feel, what are around us, what are your and society values. There are a lot of outer changes because we change places, countries, jobs and people all the time unlike our predecessors. Our maturity, responsibilities, thoughts are inner factors that also are changing. To be able to perform well we should adapt to new conditions every time, have a courage and a force to be resilient.

A few days ago thinking about my childhood I discovered how often we were changing during our young years and how rare we are doing it now.

I was a very submissive child with a total respect to adults and their opinion. At the begining I was even depressed about this discovery, that because it seemed that because of this I had lost a lot of chances in my life because I was directed by the others opinions instead of listening to my own instincts. But it makes me also consider that such a behavior protect me from unneeded risk in my childhood. (It could be a topic for a future discussion which an experience I could have from my early risks, but for now if we couldn’t change our past lets think about the thing we have). So I discovered that it gave me a lot of humility, patience and respect to others that has a crucial effect when I started my work with people.
I also conducted that there are different traits that a child needs for successfull growing, another ones for teenager and another ones for adult period. Thanks to it we are able to progress as a personality and function ably according to our physical and psychical possibilities. The humility and trust to our parents, the respect to adults for their experience is crucial at the beginning. Then critical thinking, self-esteem, acceptance of peers and adherence to the community is importance when we are teenagers. And finally responsibility and independent thinking is crusial to be able to handle your life and as grown-ups. There are different needs in our different stages of growth.

More or less consciously we are resilient all the time during growth, one traits are replaced with others which are more important for our successfull existence. It is sad, that when we grew up we consciously stop changing.

The nature is clever, because some traits that are necessary in our childchood and save us could harm us in our grown life and it is natural that we use them when they are useful for us and get rid of when they are redundant. So why do we ignore it in our adult life?

To be happy and be a master of our life we should change, improve and verify the traits that are useful for us in this situation with this person at that time under current circumstances. The improvement or mastering of needed traits will make the life more valuable.