A little bit about resolutions we made. It is not just about what we want but also about what really we need to achieve via our plans.

It have appeared that our dreams are tightly connected with our needs. The key thing is to understand the need and to find how to satisfy it. Do not fulfill the dream but try to fulfill your needs
The simplest way is:
– to write down your dream
– to decide to which need it is connected
– to find other possible ways to satisfy this need
– to declare the strategy

Sometimes it appears that say you want to lose a weight to be more attractive, but maybe the problem is not with your weight but with the acceptance of yourself, and let you be a bit imperfect or learn to dance good or to improve your proffesional skills is able to resolve the problem

Sometimes it appears that the dream is not from our heart, but it is from our friends tale, and we just want to fulfill it because it is fashion to do this or that – get rid off such alien dreams and start to live your own life