For a person who likes to have a total control over his and sometimes other lifes it could be difficult if something goes wrong or cannot be controled. It happened that there is no places to park a car and you were late on the meeting or workout, and it made me anxious.

The most important thing that helped me was the understanding of the feelings and emotions that drove you and to idenify the reason of them.

Often it is not possible to eliminate the stimulus, but it is crucial to understand the things we can control and we can’t. After that do all the best with the things that we could affect to make the life more comfortable.

Say, it is difficult to eliminate traffic jam or cars from parking but it is possible to drive out home earlier in order not to worry during driving, and have more time to find the place to park the car.

After it is good to make something that make you relax, fortunatelly for me it was swimming workout, that relaxed and gave me time to think about. How measerable my worries are, I thought after I left the swimming pools happy and full of energy.

Find out the simple nice things, Calm down and make finally day happy!